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Pole-Wrap Pole Coverings
Pole-Wrap Pole Coverings

Removing an unsightly basement support post, whether it's square, rectangular, or round, could be a costly adventure. A box built around it could be as unattractive as the post and takes up usable space. So what do you do? Try Pole-Wrap!

Pole-Wrap is constructed of closely set wood strips held together by a flexible backing so it easily wraps a post, giving a little class and saving space in the process.

Pole-Wrap is fabricated of 1/32-inch unfinished cherry, maple, or red oak veneer bonded to 1/8-inch MDF (medium-density fiberboard) slats with a resin-impregnated paper backing for a total thickness of 3/16 inch or unfinished MDF for a total thickness of 5/32 inch. Both the 94-inch and 8-foot slats are designed with a 30-degree V-groove that measures 1/2 inch at the back and 3/8 inch at the top's unfinished surface.

Cherry, Maple, or Oak Pole-Wrap looks best when stained or left in its natural state and MDF Pole-Wrap is better suited for painting. Either way they would blend in beautifully with the rest of the room. To view an interior installation, click here. Pole-Wrap is versatile and could also be used as a wall covering.

Pole-Wrap is available in three sizes:

12"x94" or 8'—fits poles with a circumference of 11" and under.
16"x94" or 8'—fits poles with a circumference of 15" and under.
48"x94" or 8'—fits 4 standard 11" poles or can be used as a wall covering, i.e., around bar area to match poles.

(click on the 3 installation instructions links below to see full installation details)

Important! Before placing your order, be sure that you know the type of pole you have, i.e., installation instructions for Standard Post or installation instructions for Jack Post. You'll also need to measure the circumference of the post you want to cover. The best way to do this is to wrap a piece of string around the post. Make a mark where the string meets itself and then measure that length by laying the string flat and using a tape measure. Measure from the mark to the end of the string to get the total circumference. If this measurement is close to the size (listed above) you want to order, I recommend you order the next size up. That way you won't be short.

Pole-Wrap parts

To finish your Pole-Wrap installation, caps and bases are available for 3-, 3.5-, and 4-inch diameter poles. These finish trims are made of solid cherry, maple, red oak, or MDF, cut in half, and sized to fit over Pole-Wrap to finish the pole's top and bottom—see installation instructions for caps and bases. So give your Pole-Wrap installation the finishing touch—with complementing solid cherry, maple, oak, or MDF caps and bases.

Cap Cap and Base Base
(3", 3 1/2", & 4" poles)
single base
(3 1/2" & 4" poles only)
double base
(cap stacked on a base)

A proper sized cap or base is slightly larger than the actual wrapped pole. This space complements the spaces between the vertical panels of Pole-Wrap. To check for proper sizing of Pole-Wrap or caps and bases before ordering, click here to use the chart to help identify your post size.

There is an automatic 30% restocking fee to return any Pole-Wrap products and does require a signature on delivery!

Pole-Wrap is available both in 94-inch and 8-foot lengths. In order to help eliminate FedEx and UPS Large Package fee we are now shipping 94-Inch length. 8-foot lengths are still available but only sold in larger quantities and shipped by freight carriers. If you are interested in both larger quantities and 8-foot lengths, contact us by email with quantity and shipping address and we'll get a shipping quote to you.

To purchase MDF, Cherry, Maple, or Oak Pole-Wrap, click on the category name or image below.

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