Custom Made Columns

Custom Columns at the MFG's plant

I'm working with a family owned fiberglass manufacturing design company in the USA that produces the best architectural products on the market. Quality products that are made by hand. They specialize in architectural columns, decorative capitals, and bases for any size project. They also make balusters, theme park characters, water fountain elephants, Christmas polar bears, aquarium penguins, welcome signs, landscaping boulders that can be used to hide water pumps or wells, and dock storage boxes to name a few.

Devereaux's architectural columns, capitals, and bases are constructed with fiberglass. The wall thickness is a ľ-inch with a Gelcoat exterior finish surface. Columns are available in smooth or fluted, non-tapered or tapered, and round or square. The diameter ranges from 8- to 36-inches and height from 8- to 24-feet. Capitals and bases are made to fit the column. When completed they are crated and shipped by truck to the destination.

There are four primary styles of decorative capitals available that capture the splendor and classic beauty of real Roman, Greek, and European architecture (Scamozzi, Roman Ionic, Temple of the Winds and Roman Corinthian). The precise detailing and careful casting of the decorative capitals sets them apart from what's currently on the market. The capitals are true to their original inspirations. They combine today's advanced material technology to form a wonderful unique functioning product that will withstand harsh exterior conditions.

Roman Ionic
Temple of the Winds
Roman Corinthian
Scamozzi decorative capital
Roman-Ionic decorative capital
Roman-Ionic decorative capital
Roman-Ionic decorative capital

The decorative capitals bring historic natural themes and sculptured images to a modern setting. For example, the volute scrolls of the Roman Ionic and Scamozzi capitals imitate the helix cross-section found in the nautilus shell and the mature ramís horn. The acanthus leaves on the Temple of Winds and Corinthian Capitals resemble decorated inverted bells and the flowering crown of a tree found around Italy.

Structural Columns on this home's front porch.

The decorative capitals offered are also crafted from fiberglass making them easily suited to exterior applications and can be used with virtually any column; they can be split to fit around existing columns and faux finished to look like wood or stone.

Decorative capitals do not alter the height of a straight column, however using them with a round tapered shaft will alter the height of the column. In applications where you require the column to be load-bearing, a plug is supplied to carry the load to the shaft and away from the decorative capital.

We offer a cross section of lightweight architectural structural columns and non-structural decorative columns for the commercial and residential construction industries. Decorative capitals are a highlight and focal point on any of the columns offered. These columns have been installed on countless projects, including: courthouses, banks, malls, schools, churches, beachfront condos, above and under decks and porches as well as throughout custom homes.

The addition of decorative capitals will greatly enhance the beauty of any setting.

Devereaux's architectural columns, decorative capitals, and bases are considered a custom order and cannot be canceled. The custom order requires a variable lead-time to ship based on style and quantities. To get more information or a quote contact us through our Contact Form found under Customer Support Center above so we can work on getting you the information and/or quote!

Giant tapered fluted columns.
Giant tapered fluted half columns.


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