Instruction for Installing Pole-Wrap Caps and Bases

After your pole is finished with Pole-Wrap, you are ready to apply a cap to the top (header or ceiling level) and/or a base to the floor.

Check to make sure they are the proper size for your pole. Each is a matched set and should fit loosely around the pole with about an eighth-inch gap all around.

If possible, install the base prior to laying carpet. If you already have carpet installed, you'll need to remove a small amount of carpeting around the pole. Use the bottom base as a template and outline the molding by applying masking tape to the carpet around the base's perimeter. Then remove the base and, using the masking tape as a guide, cut the carpeting about 1/4" inside the tape (for a tight fit) with a utility knife making sure the razor blade is new. If there is any padding under the carpet, cut the padding back an additional inch or so to accommodate carpet tack boards. Fasten the tack boards to the concrete floor with construction adhesive. Do a trial run first—you still may have to cut the carpet back a bit more to achieve a good fit around the base.

Pole-Wrap Adhesive

Now make sure all surfaces are free of dust and dirt. Start with either the cap or base and apply construction adhesive directly to the underside of each half and add yellow carpenter's glue to the edge surfaces where the two halves meet. If your plans are to finish the trim by staining, be careful not to get any yellow glue on the wood's surface. If you should, immediately remove the glue with a sponge wrung out in warm water.

The amount of adhesive to be applied to the underside depends on the flatness of the mounting surface where the halves will sit. Position the halves around the pole evenly and use a strap clamp to hold them together while the glue sets up. Consider using a second pair of hands to mount the clamp. Use a couple of 2x2s to prop the cap and/or base in place. Be sure to precut the 2x2s before installing adhesive. Allow the adhesive to dry overnight before removing the braces.

Pole-Wrap Caps and Bases

If you are installing both cap and base, brace one on one day and the other on the next day. Be sure to offset your joints—the cap should be perpendicular to the base's joint for a stronger bond between the two.

If you have a wooden floor or ceiling for mounting, you can use finish nails to hold the completed unit into place. Be sure to pre-drill first to prevent the wood from splitting. If you have a concrete floor or a steel beam (header), then apply construction adhesive to the backside of the cap or base as described above.

Repeat this procedure for each trim that you are installing, crown at the top and a base stacked with a crown on the bottom. Use the diagram on this page as a guide.

Now finish the trim as you would any other wood surface. Apply wood filler in any cracks as necessary and sand the cap and base with a fine-grit sandpaper. Clean off any dust and apply a stain, polyurethane, or paint.

Caps and Bases

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