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Classic Column's Tuscan-style ABS caps and bases dress up standard PVC sewer pipe (SDR) or water pipe (IPS) which can be purchased from plumbing and waterworks supply houses. Before contacting us with your questions about this unique product, please check out the FAQs below—your answer may already be here!

Cap and Base set

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I buy just caps and bases and use my own pipe?
A: Yes, the caps and bases are sold in prepackaged sets, and we don't sell the pipe. You will need to purchase your pipe from a local supplier.

Q: What is included in a cap and base set?
A: Each cap and base set includes 1 cap and 1 base.

Q: What size caps and bases are available?
A: Classic Column offers caps and bases in 4 different sizes (6-, 8-, 10- and 12-inch diameters) and 2 types to meet your project needs. The IPS models are compatible with IPS (iron pipe size) PVC Pipe which can be purchased in lengths up to 20 feet. The SWR (sewer size) models are compatible with the SDR (size dimensional ratio) 35 PVC pipe that is most often sold in lengths of 13 feet.

Q: How can I tell the difference between the cap and the base?
A: The cap has a cove edge near the top and the top edge is 1/2-inch wide as seen from the side. The base has a more solid design and no cove edge. When viewed from the side, the base edge is 1 1/2-inches wide.

Q: Is painting easy?
A: Painting is easy, but correct preparation is very important. The Pipe, Cap, and Base should be thoroughly cleaned with an alcohol-based cleanser. The column should be lightly sanded with 150-grit white 3M TRI-M-ITE sandpaper and then primed with a good-quality oil base primer. After it has dried for 24 hours, apply a good-quality premium latex paint for a topcoat. I recommend two coats with 24 hours' drying time between coats.

Q: Can I make my PVC pipe look like marble?
A: Yes, using today's faux finishing products and techniques, you can create a column that looks remarkably like marble. To learn more about marbling techniques, click here.

Q: Are columns load bearing?
A: No, but the hollow core of the pipe has plenty of space to conceal a load-bearing support member that meets the building codes in your area. The columns can also be filled with concrete, but be sure to check with your building department for their requirements.

Q: What if I don't have a load-bearing support member to conceal?
A: Not a problem—you can still have beautiful columns using Classic Column's caps and bases. Just cut your pipe to the correct column length and dress it up with some creative painting techniques.

Q: Can columns be split and reassembled?
A: Yes they can. Click here to learn more about split-column assembly and here for standard (non-split) installation.

Q: What lengths are available?
A: One of the great things about constructing columns out of pipe is that pipe comes in lengths up to 20 feet that can be cut to the desired column height.

Q: What's the best tool to use to cut the pipe?
A: Check out the Sharksaw 10-2311 Multi-Angle Saw. Its 15 tpi pull-cut blade slices through PVC pipe.

Q: Will they stand up to weather?
A: Yes. Once columns are installed and painted properly, they will stand and be virtually maintenance-free for years to come.

Q: Can products be returned if I am not satisfied?
A: This product is considered a custom item, and custom items cannot be returned for a refund. Once a cap or base is split in half, it cannot be returned for any reason. If a cap and base set is sold but not cut in half, the set can be returned but the customer is responsible for any shipping costs for the returned item(s). Once the product has arrived and been checked, credit will be issued minus the shipping cost.

Doesn't it make sense to create beautiful impact-resistant columns out of standard PVC water and sewer pipe? Whatever your application—commercial or residential, interior or exterior—all can be constructed for a cost that is 30 to 70 percent lower than other columns on the market.

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